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About Kathrina Bookings

Kathrina Bookings Agency was formed in 2015 and is a booking and management agency specializied in finding the freshest voices and sounds of retro-Americana music. We book our bands and artists for tours, venues, festivals, nightclubs, and other events all over the world.
Some events where you can see us:
High Rockabilly Festival (Spain)
Riverside Crazy Car Hop (Spain)
Let's Get Wild (Germany)
Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend USA)
Dream Fish Kustom Party (Allassac, France)
Rock Around the Atomiun (Bruselles, Belgium)
Drive In Barn (Holland)
Rockin Race Jamboree (Malaga, Spain)
The Big Rumble (Pravia, Spain)
Shake-A-Round Club (Zaragoza, Spain)
Rockin at Turnhout (Belgium)
Aligator Rockin' (Jaen, Spain)
Rockabilly Night (France)
Punta Bagna (France)
Tick Tock Tick (France)
Rockin' Berry (France)
HDC Fest (Madrid, Spain)
La Noche Americana (Madrid, Spain)
Rockabilly Rave (UK)
Barcelona Hayride (Barcelona, Spain)
New Barcelona Hayride 2017
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