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 . . relatively powerless young girl with the power of her handsome, older brothers. It is a story that deeply explores the fraught space of the power of the romantic encounter between two young people, but what happens when the sexual and emotional power play turns dangerous, when an older brother turns against his younger sister? It is a story that is funny and strange and painful. But above all it is a story that asks a question: how can we live together in a peaceful and safe way when there is a cycle of abuse in our family?" [2] Reception The Kiss received reviews from The Independent, The Telegraph, The Evening Standard and the Daily Mail. According to The Evening Standard, The Kiss is "a gentle, lyrical story that explores the differences and similarities between young sibling relationships in an emotional, unflinching and honest way." The article recommends The Kiss as one of the best psychological fiction books for young adults. References External links Official website Category:English novels Category:Young adult novels Category:2015 British novelsQ: Parse Website Mobile Detection Is there any way to detect mobile device vs non-mobile using javascript? A: Detecting a mobile device from the user agent string is not the recommended approach, since even tablet users often have internet browsers set up to mimic a phone (and therefore generate a phone-like user agent). However, there are a few quick and dirty ways to detect mobile devices. If you don't mind relying on the network, you could try setting a cookie as the user goes through an authentication workflow: If the site provides a login form, create a token on the server side, and set it in a cookie. Whenever the user goes to a page with a login form, check for that cookie. If the cookie isn't present, redirect the user to the login form. If the site doesn't have a login form, you could generate a random token (on the server) and send it to the user. Then, on any page, if a user visits the site on a browser that doesn't support cookies, and the token has been set, redirect to the login page (because if you don't have a login page, you can't authenticate). If a user visits the site on a browser that does support cookies and the token has not been set, you can probably assume that they're on a phone. We have focused on the




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The Kiss Kathryn Harrison Epub Download raigyul

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