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Country Jazz & Echoes From The South Pacific
This is a story of three sailors who were shipwrecked in the Pacific, saved their lives by reaching the beaches of a remote island inhabited by a people of Polynesian culture with whom they shared a few years of their lives until they were rescued. They learned from their customs and their musical culture and they brought to the West their music and style that mix with other sounds like country jazz. The Blue Sailors called their band. Here they met the beautiful Esther Alaiz who puts the point of delicacy and sweetness to his music of songs that are inspired by loves and desires of sailors. There is not an equal band in many leagues around that takes you with its music to listen directly to the waves of the Pacific Ocean and the songs of love and war of its natives

El Lega  Steel Guitar & Vocals

Matt Olivera  Acoustic Guitar

Daniel Nunes  Double Bass

Esther Alaiz  Vocals

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